We strive to create equal access to resources and opportunities so that the children can develop their own talents and grow up to earn their own living.  Through education and participation in sustainable production children can have a better chance at quality of life.

 Our track record:

 2007 – 2009 - researched and did feasibility studies for possible businesses at the orphanage with 4 different groups of college students participating in the following service projects:

  • Social-Entrepreneurial Business goals: develop and complete feasibility studies and business plans for a) a water project, b) orchid growing and sales, c) mushroom growing and sales, d) an environmental oasis, and e) developing business concepts.

  • Orphanage Enhancement goals:  a) insulate the dormitories for the children, b) train the staff and teachers, and c) enhance the education of the students, d) donate school supplies

  • Outings with the orphan children to see the Little Prince, Folkloric ballet, climb to the volcano, dancing, Pizza, and other places

2008, 2009 and 2010 - Donated $12,000 - $15,000 each year for Computer, Music and English Teachers, 3 tutors, and a psychologist. It takes about one year for abandoned and disadvantaged children to develop proper study habits as well as the discipline to do homework with tutors.  We are now seeing results in higher GPA’s as the students are able to maintain a C average instead of failing, and are able to stay in middle school and not drop off and end up on the streets, crossing the border, becoming gang members or prostitutes.

2008 – Started a Bazaar and Other Sales Venues  - present:  The orphanage receives donations of used goods and clothing.  The brothers have started a business where they sell donations they do not need for the orphanage to the community people for 25 to 75 cents.  They also sell rice and beans at competitive prices.

2009 Oyster Mushrooms -present:  Construction of 2 greenhouses and oyster mushroom training for the Brothers and high school students.  Mushrooms are a rich source of protein for the children.  TTTW is helping with mushrooms sales using our sales channels and we have brought in a Guatemalan mushroom expert for guidance, consulting.  He is now assisting the orphanage so that the mushroom business can be expanded such that he could buy the entire production of mushrooms -- which has the potential of producing over 500 lbs. a week for a sustainable income source. 

2009 Bakery - ovens donated and baking classes for older children. Bread is produced and sales at about $1.25 per bag of “pan frances and champuradas” (french bread and big cookies) have begun.

2009 – present:  Art to the World program. It is our second year in which the children work in partnership with local and international artists.  They create original art for a line of paper products to be sold in Guatemala as well as in the USA to support Ties to the World and the orphanage.  Nina Hayashi, a veteran in the stationary business, has been volunteering her much of her valuable time to this effort. 

EARLY 2010 - Hidropondia - Through Ties to the World, Otecsa, a Guatemalan organization, is sponsoring hidropondia.  They have already planted 1100 onions, 160 beets, lettuce, tomatoes and other vegetables.  At the moment the vegetables will be for their own consumption but we expect that in the near future they will also be selling vegetables.

MID 2010  -Teamed up with Universidad Francisco Marroquin’s (known as the Harvard of Guatemala) business and psychology schools.  In conjunction with the orphanage a five-year program will be developed and monitored to measure impact.

  1. Two Social entrepreneurship introduction seminars for teachers and staff.  These seminars will prepare them for the 4-phase program the children will take next year.  In this seminar they will learn the steps necessary to create a business.  From brainstorming to selling the products - including deciding if selling next to competitors is beneficial or not.  Then a debriefing session to understand profits and losses. 

  2. In conjunction with UFM business school we are working with another orphanage. 

  3. The girls orphanage is producing 120 candles a week and the boys will decorate them.  They will split the profits 50% each.

  4. The psych department will be teaching two seminars chosen by the Brothers to understand the children’s behavior.  In 2011 a program will be designed and it will include everyone at the orphanage having contact with the children --. cooks, pilots, construction workers, Brothers, teachers, and staff.  

LATE 2010 - beginning talks with future hospital in the city. The children need to receive yearly check ups as well as follow ups.  They also need a reliable hospital in case of an emergency.

Other accomplishments -

2009 - University of the Pacific MBA business team won first place for their business plan for Art to the World greeting cards.

2010 Ties to the World finalist in GSBI competition at Santa Clara University.

Ties to the World is a registered 501 (C) (3), we are also soon to be in the list of charitable foundations, registered trademark, and a resale license.

"Our mission is to establish a set of trade business practices that can help orphanges create financial self-sustaninability while teaching the children life skills and successful independent living."
–Ibis Schlesinger