Volunteer your time or work as an intern!

We see our volunteers as partners in our mission, which is to assist orphanages to become self-sustaining. We will work to tailor your volunteer experience so that you can use your background, special talents, and goals. You will also be challenged to bring out the best that you have to offer. There are a number of different ways in which students will be able to put to practice their interest and skills.

Social-entrepreneurial program:

As part of our team you will get a chance to be at the cutting edge of international social change. You will get a chance to interact with professionals and social entrepreneurs who have significant experience and commitment to mentoring our next generation of leaders.

You will be:

  • doing on site project assistance
  • monitoring change
  • measuring effectiveness
  • evaluating results and impact
  • suggesting future directions, and much more.

Educational Program

Teaching, tutoring, playing, working with children (health/medical, music, art, English, sports, dancing, cooking, science) it's up to you to bring your special talent and share it with them!

Hogar Improvement Program

During the rainy season it can be chilly at nighttime at the Hogar and the children are cold. The Hermanos at the Hogar have requested we help them insulate some of the buildings on the outside. You can also help by building shelves, painting, and doing repairs.

Working the land for our self-sustaining project

As part of our program we will be cleaning and landscaping the land for growing flowers, mushrooms, and orchids. Our vision is to enhance the forest needs and have the Hogar become a model for environmental health at orphanages.

Medical Program - Una Semana de Salud

A special team of medical students will create a sustainable model for educating and increasing health awareness in the children of the Hogar. This program is only available in July.

How to Apply:

If this is how you'd like to spend some time this summer, here is how to apply:

  • Resume
  • Letters of recommendation if you are new to our program (one from a friend, one from a professor or adult who knows you well)
  • Summer 2008 guidelines Download
  • Student Information Form Download
  • Personal Questions Form Download
  • Release of Liability Form Download
  • Deposit of $200 due by March 30 to hold your spot. It is non-refundable.
  • Donation: $700 per two weeks (you can apply for 4 weeks)

Application must be received by March 1, 2009. Send to:

Ibis Schlesinger
Ties to the World
725 Saint Mary's Road
Lafayette, CA 94549

The entire payment balance is due on May 1, 2009.

If we don't receive your balance you may loose your deposit. If for any reason you can't have your due balance that date, you need to contact Ibis immediately (see bottom of page) and talk to her about your plans

Fee covers:

room and board at the Hogar, group transportation to and from the Hogar, water, administrative costs, gifts for the Hermanos, donation to the Hogar, including children/and or Hermanos on weekend activities, and training (required).

Fee does not cover:

your airfare, meals away from the Hogar, transportation if you arrive or leave at seperately from the group; weekend travel and activities. If you are traveling at a different time than the rest of the group (strongly discouraged), we can help you make arrangements for a reliable taxi to pick you up at the airport at your expense ($15-20) and drive you to the Hogar or back to the airport.


For an additional cost, trips will be arranged by Ties to the World. Possible special weekend adventures:
•Rio Dulce
•hike to a volcano
•Granja Agr?cola El Mirador
•Echo-tourism place, Coban.

Required Responsibility:

2 Weeks After the Guatemala Hogar Immersion you need to turn in your Write up of Observations/ Conclusions. Ties to the World is an organization interested in impacting change. Your experience and comments are very important to us.; Keep a daily dairy about your observations and experiences. Your impute will be carefully studied and used to help us replicate our model in other orphanages. You will be asked to answer five questions about your time at the Orphanage and what it meant for you. Please include photos of yourself, your friends, and the children (send action photos that tell a story). You can email your write up to: Ibis@Tiestotheworld.org

Spreading the Word

To spread the word about our mission and help us move ahead with the sustainability of the Hogar and of Ties to the World, it would help us tremendously if you organize a gathering or fundraising event in your community. Let us know if you are interested and how we can help.

"Our mission is to establish a set of trade business practices that can help orphanges create financial self-sustaninability while teaching the children life skills and successful independent living."
–Ibis Schlesinger